Meet The Team At Aim High Ink


Alex Womack
Aim High Ink Manager

Alex is the Manager of Aim High Ink. He obtained his degree in Visual Communications at Western Oregon University.

Alex worked for Goodwill in Graphics Design for several years before setting off on his adventure in the Non-Profit world with Aim High Be Kind, and Aim High Ink. On his off-time, Alex enjoys to dabble in small art projects and draw. With "Be Kind" Alex hopes to lend his skills to help those in need.

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Skyler Ramsey
Aim High Ink Project Lead

Skyler is our Project Leader for the screen-printing process for Aim High Ink, and Aim High Be Kind's printing needs. He hails from Washington state, but came to the Portland area by way of California. Skyler loves Aim High's mission and hopes to continue working with the company well into the future.